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Ganjilla's Idle Heroes Campaign Drop Calculator

What is this? This is a tool for the mobile game Idle Heroes, which you can use to figure out your chances of obtaining the highest tiers of loot from the campaign drop event which comes around once a month.

Note from Ganjilla!

Sup y'all, brothers and sisters! How is it going today?? Wow, this event came unexpectedly fast and I am actually 'Forest Lost', coming from and going to a hippy camp in the middle of the forest xD (Rosa approved!!) with no internet whatsoever. But we have fire! Anyways, I can't even log in to the game over there and am missing out on all those tasty orbs xD No quotes this time, but a quick update. Wish you the best of luck, may Lord Baade (the real one!) watch over you. Peace, Love and Happiness! Don't get lost.

Om, Ganji.

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Ganjilla's Campaign Drop Calculator

Ganjilla's Campaign Drop Calculator

  • Note: Don't worry! The calculator will automatically account for the extra 24h the shop is open at the end of the event.

  • Note: If you bought or spent loot already, use the Advanced Options.
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    Ganjilla says:
    "Don't be shy, click calculate"

    Assuming your looting behaviour and rates stay the same.
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